Sunday, 14 March 2010

Revised Presentation Pack

Here is another (revised) mock up image released by Royal Mail of the presentation pack that will be issued for the rate rise in April. The air mail stamps do depict 20 gr although they are difficult to see at this resolution. I am presuming these will also be the correct colour.

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Ian Rose said...

The Spring 2010 "Collections" also lists a "Machin Definitive Collector's Pack" containing 24 stamps including the 7 new stamps appearing at the end of March. This has order code DR007. It is priced at £16.10 (groan). "Collections" does not tell us the issue date, but the accompanying stock list states that this will be 08/05/2010. The illustration in "Collections" appears to be the same as that of the mock up shown on Ian Billing's web site, even down to showing the Worldwide Postcards stamp in the wrong colour. My thanks to Ian Billings for pointing out the date of issue to me.