Sunday, 9 May 2010

Codified 50p From SA Prestige Pane

Codified! Another new word in Machin dictionary.

I was tickled to read Garyhoneys account and use of this word on the Machin Forum when he described the 50p with code MPIL and MA10 in the background print.

Gary has now posted an image of the 50p value from this source, reproduced here above.
The addition of the MA10 codes on this pane makes me suspect that future self adhesive Prestige booklet panes are on the cards for next year, perhaps coded (or using Garry's word codified) with the numbers 2011.
Why else would Royal Mail add the year of issue to these panes? Thanks Gary for your pic and observations.


Ian - Norvic said...

See the 2nd class from the same pane here

And we have now added the 1st & 2nd Large Letter stamps to the list of those for 2010.

Ian Price said...

The security cutouts on the machins in the panes in my 2 copies of the PSB appear to be a new version. The top loop is uninterrupted (type 1) & the bottom loop is interrupted (type 2). This is the same for all of the stamps.
Ian Price