Thursday, 6 May 2010

A Few of The Latest Phosphor Errors

Whilst most people are in London for the biggest philatelic bash of the decade, or they are making their way there. Here I am stuck on the Costa Blanca (do not say, poor sod, what a place to be stuck in) giving it all a miss.

For a host of reasons I can not make it. I am concerned about Volcanic ash and flight problems, a torn calf muscle which is giving me loads of jip and affecting my mobility, and if I am honest the main one being a shortage of funds.

I also have a disabled wife to look after,who although could in all honesty get by for a few days without me does not want to get by without me or want me to go. Anyway to save arguments I have decided to slum it out here for the duration of the event ;-(

For those who are going, I am sorry I missed you all and I hope you meet up with old and new friends, pick up some bargains and have a great time.

Do I sound as though I am feeling sorry for myself? I do not mean to (anyone know of a good divorce lawyer? :-)

Still, not to worry, its only a stamp showI tell my self, I can surf the web and whist I am at it pick up some info on the latest phosphor errors. Yes misplacements are still turning up and are commanding some high catalogue prices.

One Item i picked up a few weeks back.

Three Kings Miniature Sheet with short band bottom (DG S17) cat @ £20.00

Here are a few others to look out for

Machin Anniversary Miniature sheet:

Either inset left (DG I1) or short bands bottom DG S17). Both sheets have been given a max catalogue price of £50.00 each.

The ruby £1.00 has also been found with short bands bottom (DG S17) in the Machin Anniversary Prestige booklet . Cat @ £35.00

A second report describes the same pane with the Ruby £1.00 having inset bands left (DG I1) also cat @ £35.00.

Security Stamps 2009

A few have been reported to date:

1st class code B (DG I2) inset right catalogued at £11.00

1st class code C (DG I1) inset left catalogued at £ 7.50
1st class code C (DG S16) short at top catalogued at £ 7.50

2nd class code T (DG S2) short at bottom catalogued at £ 8.50

Thanks go to B.Alan (Stamps) Ltd Connoisseur Catalogue 2 Pinewood Avenue, Sevenoaks, Kent, TN14 5AF, UK.

Also thanks to Douglas Myall for continued permission to quote from his Deegam SIN system.

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