Friday, 17 December 2010

2011 Price Rises

We were warned in advance that Royal Mail were to increase there tariffs in April 2011 by a whopping 10%. it has now been confirmed that price rises will go across the board on all RM services by up to 13%.

There should be 3 or 4 new values added to the list of counter sheets come April. Just a quick look at how it will affect some of the stamp prices.

1st class up 5p to 46p
2nd class up 4p to 36p
Large 1st up 9p to 75p
Large 2nd up 7p to 58p
SD up to 100g up 40p to £5.45

Does this mean that your collection of mint NVIs have risen in value? With interest rates still set at 0.5% it could be better to save stamps rather than cash !!


Adrian said...

Oh yes! I was mad in the mid 1990s and bought every single 1st and 2nd class stamp bookelts I could lay my hands on, just to hope for the odd variety. Now I'm laughing all the way to the bank, for 1st class didn't cost me more than 26p at the time and I'm still using them, and I think I've got enough for many years to come!
How sad is that!
Only wish I'd done the same with the E stamp for I use that one the most, and that's going up even quicker than 1st and 2nd!

Anonymous said...

I started collecting NVIs when second class was 14p and 1st class 19p.

I must have over 1000 different booklets in the bank by now.


A member of Postcrossing said...

Been trying to find news of any price rise in Airmail rates (for postcards, and letters, 10g and 20g for Europe and Worldwide), but no luck (yet).

Robert said...

Hope this helps. Start saving up now!

Surface (Worldwide except Europe)
>20g = 66p / >60g = £1.14
Airmail Europe
Postcards = 68p
Letters >20g = 68p / >40g = £1.00
Rest of World Airmail
Postcards = 76p
Letters > 10g = 76p / >20g = £1.10 / >40g = £1.65

Robert said...

You can access the full Royal Mail guide to tariffs from 4 April 2011 by copying & pasting the following link into your browser:

Robert said...

The RM tariff guide for 2011 reveals that the new Machin values to be issued for the increase are 68p, 76p, £1.10 & £1.65. These will be issued in self-adhesive sheets of 25.

The 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p & 20p Machins will also be reissued in self-adhesive sheets of 25 but these will not have the iridescent Royal Mail overlay, unlike the tariff definitives mentioned above.

a member of Postcrossing said...

Thank you Robert. I hope I will still be able to get 9p stamps to add on to any of the nice 67p stamps I think I will order in the new year, thinking trains....