Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Happy New Year

The year 2011 is almost upon us, so what better time to wish all our readers A Happy and peaceful New Year. Lets hope it is a prosperous one.
It could also be another expensive year for stamp collectors . At this time we already know that the new year will bring heartache to some and joy to others, depending on your views about new issues! I will not go into the bulging programme set out by Royal Mail but will stick to Machin issues.
Already we can expect at least 10 new Machins to add to our collections. You can look forward to a few more from Prestige booklets, and new style retail booklets.
Be sure that with the help of other blogs, Machin Forums and Royal Mail publications ANY NEWS of Machin material or observations to them will be posted here in 2011 so please do continue to visit us and just as important please do continue to leave your comments.

It is also nice to be mentioned on other websites and blogs. Ian Billings who supplies a terrific amount of news to us is correct when he says " Cross-exchange of information is vital to keep these publications flowing with news."
Douglas Myall also deserves a mention for his dedication to the cause. As does the Modern British Philatelic Circle.

Another such site is The British Postal Museum & Archive which relates its history through the post. Machin Mania received a mention recently from this site in the post We Love your Blog . They go on to say "Machin Mania is an interesting and well-researched blog with Machin enthusiasts (and newcomers) in mind."
YOU can help to spread the word about Machin Mania with a mention or link from your web sites, a mention to your groups, in your publications and forums would also help.

Once again from myself and Larry and all those who post replies, thank you for your support.

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