Monday, 26 September 2011

Arnold Machin Overprints / Post & Go

It did not take long for these to be offered on eBay.

For those of you who have not as yet heard of or seen these. It is a strip of six new stamps which can be added to the the Machin List. Details from the seller are below.

Royal Mail have issued an unannounced STAMPEX ONLY tribute to ‘Arnold Machin’ in the form of an overprinted set of Post & Go stamps

This overprint was only available during Autumn Stampex 2011, and were applied on the existing ‘Machin’ Post & Go stock on the Hytech Stamp Machines.

The auction was for a strip of six and comprises of values of 1st Class , 1st Class Large, Europe 20g, Worldwide upto 10g, 20g and for the first time worldwide up to 40g

The set were Selling at £7.99 with a face value of £5.40. If you could not get to Stampex this is not a bad price for six new Machins.

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