Friday, 16 September 2011

Japex Publicy Continued

Robert Bostock sent me a note informing me that the Bookmark Journal dealt with this same subject. So I had seen it before. It just got lost in the grey matter. Thanks to Robert and the Modern British Philatelic Circle I can produce the article from February 2008 Volume 37 No. 4 of ‘The Bookmark’ Journal entitled Members News JAPEX ‘07

The Circle has a thriving membership in Japan. While few in number, they help to promote GB philately within the Japan Philatelic Society in a big way. Member Ikuo Ikehara was member of the organising committee of JAPEX ‘07 and he and other members of the British Stamp Study Group of JPS mounted a special 40 frame exhibit of Machins to celebrate 40 years of Machins.

The Group also arranged a special overprint of a Boots label and produced a special cover to mark the occasion. The label is that issued by The Post Office in 1995 which includes a 1st-class fame defnitive with phosphor bars reacting blue under UV.

The label (above) and two variants of the special cover are illustrated here. The one with the three different 1st-class Machins tied with three different hand stamps is particularly attractive.
Many thanks to Ikuo who keeps us in the picture and who sent the label and covers.


Robert said...

Your readers might be interested to learn that the Modern British Philatelic Circle's next meeting will be held on Sunday 25 September at the Rhodia Recreation Club, Station Road, Langley, West Midlands. This is just off the M5 motorway (leave at Junction 2).

Anybody interested in modern GB stamps is cordially invited to attend. Any time from 9am onwards.

Robert said...

Please do feel free to come to the MBPC meeting next Sunday. You might even want to join!

Leave M5 at J2; at roundabout follow A4034 towards Oldbury, turning right into Churchbridge. Then turn right into Park St & pass under the M5. Follow Station Rd (B4182) until you reach the Rhodia works on the left.