Thursday, 27 October 2011

Machin News October 2011

A few weeks ago Ian Billings informed us that he has heard that the first of the high values to be reprinted since the original issue in 2009 may soon appear.

We can now confirm that these are being sold on eBay. Here is a scan of the £1 Ruby with the new code M11L.

Charlie Jenson has reported on the Machin Forum that the latest Deegam Report (95) from Douglas Myall is now on-line.

As usual, Douglas does not disappoint, there is a lot of information, such as the latest prestige pane, with the George V Downey Head from the First UK Aerial Post booklet in the center spot. There is also a classic view of Windsor Castle stamps from the same booklet with the images blown-up to show the differences between the former French government version and the Dutch Miniature sheet which was printed by Enschede in 2005.

The much deliberated Arnold Machin centenary mini-sheet is mentioned and a report of a horizontally imperf 35p dark brown. Several new overseas stamps which bear the Machin Head are listed.

One thing that really impressed me is the fact that a recently departed collector (with Douglas,s help and advice) has donated a Machin cast as well as one of the Wyon head (Queen Victoria) to The Royal Philatelic Society. What a generous gift and a perfect new home for them!

Thank you Charlie (and Douglas) for the write up (which I have altered slightly). Charlie finishes off by saying , "But wait, there's more !!!", but you will have to get your own copy of the report".

For those of you who have never heard the name Douglas Myall (if there is anyone) he is listed on WIKIPEDIA

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