Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Diamond Machins (Codes)

To date we have four different (single) Diamond Jubilee Machins to collect if we count the one taken from Counter Sheets. Note : there is no year code on any of the counter sheet issues.

1/ These are No Source Code (DIAMOND) - taken from Counter Sheets, Printed by DLR in Gravure, Self Adhesive gum.
1a As above with short bands top (Degam S16)

2/ Source Code DIAMBND - taken from Business Sheets of 100 and printed by DLR in Gravure, Self Adhesive gum.
2a/ We have a report that these business sheet stamps have been re-printed in gravure by Walsall.

3/ Source Code DIAMTND - taken from Booklets of 12 and printed by Walsall in Gravure, Self Adhesive gum.
3a/ As above with short bars top (Deegam S16)
3b/ As above with short bars bottom (Deegam S17)

4/ Source Code DIAMMND - taken from the Mini Sheet, printed by Walsall in Gravure, PVA Gummed.

5/ What can we expect in the near future? For certain there is a mixed special issue booklet of six x 1st class. This is due to be issued on 31st May expected to have the Source Code DIAMCND.

6/ 7/ Business sheet (Walsall ) 50 x 1st-class Large, some sort of code is expected on stamps from this and the Retail book (Walsall) 4 x 1st-class Large. If past trends are anything to go by perhaps the Source Code JUBILBE and JUBILFE or something like may be used.

8/ Codes for forthcoming large definitves DIAMOND be released on 27th March will consist of Counter sheet 1st class S/A gum printers will be De La Rue not Walsall as first stated. Although this will be another collectable new issue, as these are to be in counter sheets No Source Code is expected. (Thanks Robert for the correction)

9/ Almost a certainty (knowing Royal Mail) there will be a Prestige booklet, (Cartor) conjecture at this time but look for a source code DIAMPND on a Jubilee 1st class.
We will keep you updated on this , as soon as the information is released.

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