Saturday, 4 February 2012

Machin Exhibit Award Winners


At the VAPEX exhibition in Virginia last November, two members of the Great Britain Collectors Club won awards for the Machin exhibits.

Steve McGill, GBCC President, won a gold and the APS Medal of Excellence (1981-) for his exhibit, "Britain’s Marvelous Machins." The subtitle is "The Principal Variety Branches of Decimal Machin Values of 1/2p Through 5p." In other words, his exhibit includes only 10 different denominations.

The first page of his exhibit (actually, an earlier version) is shown above, though I made it small and it is not intended to be legible.

I’ve seen previous versions of his exhibit, and it is very comprehensive and informative. He has done a lot of research, and he also displays a number of very nice items.

An earlier version is available on the Great Britain Philatelic Society web site, but only to GBPS members.

Lawrence Haber won a vermeil for his exhibit, Life and Times of the Half-Penny (decimal) Machin. I have not seen his exhibit, so I cannot comment on it.

Congratulations to Steve and Lawrence from us here at the Machin Mania blog. I’m very glad to see that Machin collecting is thriving in the United States.


Ian Billings wrote a comment, I have reproduced it here (BELOW) in order to allow the link to work.


"Lawrence Haber told me about the exhibit he had prepared for VAPEX. "If you'd like to see what I've done, I have placed a 28meg zip of the 64 frames here"

It does take a while to download, and I haven't by any means looked at all of it, but it is an excellent exhibit and shows what you can do with just one value to work on!


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