Saturday, 12 January 2013

More New Machin Errors

There seems to be an error on which is preventing me from up loading photographs so I can only report in in text format at this time. Adding images helps me to describe certain stamps and adds a little bit of colour to the posts. I hope the lack of pictures does not spoil your surfing experience to much.

Just a couple of weeks into 2013 and already a couple of new discoveries to report.

Both are from the new London underground 6 x 1st class booklet stamps with date code 2012 and code letter C in the Royal Mail iridescent overprint.

Number one on the list is the 1st Class Royal Mail Red security Machin with the left band inset, (DGI1)

The second has an iridescent Shift Downwards

The stamps if you are not aware are printed in gravure by Walsall on self adhesive OFNP paper and first issued 9 January 2013. There are 2 bands from A2B phosphor.

Keep your eyes peeled for new Machin errors and let me know if you come across any, I will report them here on this blog and give you mention.

Ian has left a message reporting that he has Large Letter business sheets which have short bands at the bottom (DGS17) .

On a closing note for today, be sure to re-visit in a couple of days when I will be announcing a new online competition in conjunction with Adrian Keppel (Stamp Magazine) there is a great prize on offer for the winner supplied by myself.


nnnnnn said...

it is back again, the select file and upload feature.. I had some problem over past few days

Michael cddstamps

Machin Man said...

Thanks Ian

i will add your report to this post, hopefully if the image uploader has been fixed I can a dd a bit of colour too.