Thursday, 12 December 2013

2014 Machin News

Over a couple or three pints In the pub last night I was chatting to my old friend George and as usual Machins came up as a topic of conversation. Among other things we ended up discussing what ( if any ) new issues would make an appearance in 2014.

George informed me that "a Prestige stamp booklet was in the pipe line for February to be priced at £13.97".

Wow!! I replied that is a lot of new Machins.

Well it turns out (according to George) that the booklet entitled "Classic Locomotives of Wales" will not contain that many Machins at all, in fact the mixed definitive page will only contain 4 Machins 2 x 5p and 2 x 2p presumably with the code P- 2014. The other definitives on this pane will be regional issues. George sent me this image this morning by email. It is thought that this may be a mock up as no perforations can be seen.

A mixed custom booklet of six x 1st class stamps believed to be the second in this series will contain 2 x special issues of Football Heroes this will also be issued in mid February, and again we are presuming this will be code C - 2014, depending on when the stamps are actually printed.

It is a consensus of thought that postage rates will rise again in April, so it is quite possible we will see some new issues in the form of counter sheets stamps. More to look forward to with a 2014 code?

On the 21st April a second Prestige booklet is in the pipeline and also another retail mixed booklet. George informs me this will have a title of Buckingham Palace. He does not know at this time if a Machin Pane will make an appearance in the Prestige booklet but he is sure that the retail x 6 booklet will, this will no doubt have code C -2014 .

That is it for today, more news as it come in.


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Ian - Norvic said...

We now know that the Locomotives PSB was printed on the 2013 contract and so has a very-difficult-to-see M13L code with MPIL.

Footballers retail book also M13L as expected, with packing date 17/10/13