Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Buckingham Palace

We were hoping for something different for the mixed pane in the Buckingham Palace Prestige Booklet which we now know will be issued a few days earlier on April 15th.

Prestige Booklet Pane

£1.00 Machins make a come back, although this will make the booklet slightly more expensive I somehow do not mind. I might add the price for this booklet has not been announced at this time as it may be subject to a price rise which is due early April.

As you can see the definitive pane (pane 3) will have three new values to collect, values are 2 x 10p, 2 x 20p, and 2 x £1.00 + the usual label.  Well done RM I like it.

Although I have been told the Retail Booklet will cost £3.60 I guess this could be wrong as it will also be
subject to the April price rise. I guess we all just assume in today's financial climate that the cost of sending a letter will rise once again.

Just a thought has anyone heard what the price rise (if any) will be?

Retail Booklet


Ian - Norvic said...

Incidentally the £1 brown has now made an appearance in our village PO, in the first delivery of this year.

Anonymous said...

Should be 4 x 20p to give 8 stamps plus a label.