Friday, 27 February 2015

Royal Mail March Price Rise


Postman Pat is quite happy, only a small rise this year.

From 30 March, the price of a First Class stamp will increase by 1p to 63p and the price of a Second Class stamp will increase by 1p to 54p.

In addition, the price of a Large Letter First Class stamp up to 100g will rise by 2p to 95p; a Large Letter Second Class stamp will rise by 1p to 74p.

No indication of any new Machin definatives to be released as yet, but I am sure that we can expect them. As soon as we get more news I add it here.

Royal Mail is simplifying and cutting the prices of Second Class Medium Parcels. From 30 March, Second Class Medium Parcels weighing up to 2kg will be priced at £4.89. This represents a saving of up to £3.11,
customers will get more for less.

Currently a Second Class Medium Parcel weighing up to 1kg costs £5.20, while an item weighing 1-2kgs is priced at £8. Following its success, Royal Mail has also decided to maintain prices introduced for Second Class Small Parcels as a Christmas promotion. This means that from 30 March 2015, there will continue to be one single price for Second Class Small Parcels weighing up to 2kg and this will remain unchanged at £2.80.

Postman Pat has now changed his mind and has given the thumbs down to the postal rise. No matter what format you collect it is going to cost you a lot of money to add the new values to your collection. At one time we used the words "pretty penny" I am changing this saying to "Ugly Fortune". 

Thanks go to Robert who left a comment to this post. 

On 24 March SIX new Machin values will be  - £1.33, £1.52, £2.25, £2.45, £3.15 & £3.30! Not to mention £1 and £1.33 regionals for each of the four countries.

We will leave it to you to do the maths.


Robert said...

Start saving up if you collect cylinder blocks etc - £14 worth of new machins on 24 March - £1.33, £1.52, £2.25, £2.45, £3.15 & £3.30!
Not to mention £1 and £1.33 regionals for each of the four countries. When will Royal Mail introduce NVIs for international stamps? Not that it would have changed much this time round because of the introduction of 'Large letter' rates for overseas mail.

Anonymous said...

The Norvic site suggests only three new Machins i.e £1.33, £1.52 and £2.25 only

Ian - Norvic said...

That was written on 1 March before Norvic took a week off, as also mentioned on the blog :-)

Now the blog - and the website - have pictures of all 14 new stamps, albeit not very good pictures!