Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Machin Nws April 2015

Due to the time lapse since the last post I suppose you have guessed that I have been away from my desk for a few weeks (again). Sorry but these things are beyond my control these days. I have to make regular trips back and forth to the UK as my wife is under a specialist back in Birmingham, she has to have check ups every few months.

Well the Machin news this month is a little late and has been reported else where on the net so I guess we might call it Late Machin News on my part.

As well as the new rates which we have discussed already values £1.33, £1,52, £2.25, £2,45, £3.15 and £3.30. We also have the new Country definitives £1.00 and £1.33 for each of the four countries.

Several new counter sheet stamps have been released with the codes M15L. Values to date are 1p, £1.00, 2nd class, 1st class signed for, and 1st class large signed for.

Thanks to all that notified me of these new stamps.

What do we have to look forward to? The 175 th anniversary of the Penny Back will be commemorated on 6th May so far as I know for this anniversary we will see 1st class decimal versions of the original Victorian 1d black and 2d blue. I am looking forward to these, Novel eh?

Will let you know more about these stamps which will no doubt be sold in miniature sheets when I get the information.

I now have information that Royal Mail have confirmed that the twopenny blue stamps and the penny black will have the Queens head and 1st class values added to the designs, similar to the original Victorian penny black stamps. The stamps will be perforated with ellipses like the modern day issues.

Miniature sheets (two of each value) and Generic Smilers sheets 10 of each of the values are planned for the anniversary.

The generic smilers sheets, with ten labels have been chosen which will highlight the milestones in the development of the two stamps, the background will feature an image of a sheet of original penny blacks.

In respect to an email from Royal Mail this information has been removed for the time being


GBStamps said...

These colors are better than I expected based on the publicity photographs. I rather like them, especially the £2.25 plum purple, a nice dark shade. The weakest is the £3.15 aqua green, which reminds me of some of the early litho 2p Machins. And why is this called aqua green? It doesn't look like any water I've ever seen.


Brian Morris said...

Maybe someone could explain this new security feature to me as I do not understand how this works.
The matrix is the waste part of paper between the stamps either on booklets or sheet definitives. This is removed by the printers during production so we the collector would not see any difference. Why have security features on part of the booklet or sheet that is thrown away? Also why as booklet collectors why would this be classed as new booklet designs?

GBStamps said...

We removed the comment about the security feature because Royal Mail does not want it publicized yet. If you drop me an email, I will explain further.