Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Miscut Presentation Pack

I am a keen collector of miscut stamps, panes and booklets in particular. Do not ask me why but when I have a little time to spare I am always on the lookout for something unusual.This is what I found today.

It is a miscut presentation pack, not the actual stamp but the pack its self. I guess there a few of these around but to my recollection I have never come across one before.

This pack originates from 15/09/1987. (High Value) pack number 14. It contains just one large Machin stamp which is the £1.60 blue black and buff colour.

I think they were non phosphor on fluorescent coated paper with tinted Dextrin gum . These were perforated 14 x 3/4 as they were laid down sideways.

As the picture is a little faint above is an image of the actual stamps. The pack is listed on eBay at a buy it now offer of £85.00 or nearest offer. A bit to rich for my taste, but a great item even if it is only to show you guys something different on here .

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Interesting item. Thanks for posting it.