Friday, 1 April 2016

Problems Logging In


Andrew Hill reports on his blog that a new counter sheet value £1.33 has been issued with M16L background code, this still has no security backing paper print. A couple of other values have also been mentioned that have security backing paper.

Pop over and read his post on 31p purple

Thanks to Ian from Norvic I can now show a pic of the new Machins which will be part of the next prestige booklet.

 Prestige Pane HM the Queens 90th Birthday

It has been a frustrating couple of weeks for me, I have had real difficulty trying to get into this blog. My wife downloaded some explorer security updates that would not let me open or log in to several websites.

In the end I got some advice from a pal who had the same problem. He told me to download Google Chrome, which was my last resort as I had problems with this browser in the past. Anyway, although Chrome is not perfect I can now with a little messing about get into the places I want without losing my temper. Saying this I am still having a problem importing images, so no pic of the rug here as yet. 

Got it now!

I have always liked the design of stamp rugs (so clever). I am not sure if we have shown this one before. The Queens Diamond Jubilee Machin. It has no ellipses but the perforations look nice. The rug also features the security background inscription Diamond Jubilee. I have looked but can not see a security code.

Nice job.  See more at the design Sheppard  


Robert said...

We may not see any DLR counter sheets with security backing paper for a while yet. A RM official said that they had been having problems with the laminate and didn't expect to see actual sheets before late summer.

Roy Simpson said...

Thanks Robert,

We covered this topic not so long ago. Our theory was that most forgeries originate in booklets so Walsall got to grips with the technology first.

Ian - Norvic said...

The £1.33 was printed on 08/01/2016 and has been in post offices since February. When I ordered some (unspecified) £1.33 from Tallents House, wanting 2015 printings, I was sent 2016 so they also have them there. But of course ordinary customers can't normally specify what they want!