Monday, 6 February 2017

Forgeries Galore on eBay

It seems that the forgers of Machin definitive stamps are still at it, After the discovery £1.00 value in sheet form with code T in the iridescent  security print (security print that is a laugh now)

It is only in the fact that the T for booklets of 12 is evident in the print that these £1.00 values were discovered, not by Royal Mail I might add but by eagle eyed collectors.

Well the eagle eyes are doing Royal Mails job again, collectors have discovered another example,

This time round it is in the form of 1ST class large stamps in complete business sheets. These forgeries look the part too - only with close scrutiny can they be detected.

1/ They have no security iridescent source code at all.

2/ The font used in the word large looks incorrect.

3/ To me the die cast perforations look the part but a little wavy.

Top Panel of the forged business Sheet

Other lots (including a sheet and single of the £1.00 value being offered by the same seller are.

Singles and booklets of 12 1st class code M16L/MTIL (security  backing paper)

Singles and booklets of 12 2nd class code M16L/MTIL (security backing paper)

Booklets of 12 1st class code M13L/MTIL

Booklets of 12 2nd class code M12L/MTIL

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