Thursday, 9 February 2017

Machin News February 2017

on 15th February  Machin collectors will see one of the first stamps to arrive with the 2017 iridescent code MCIL/M17L . If you have these on order from Royal Mail the mixed content retail booklet should drop on your doorstep around this date.

As we have already mentioned on the same date we will also  have the Prestige Booklet. This booklet for this issue was printed in 2016 so the stamps from the Machin pane will be coded 2016 and will be MPIL/ M16L. Only two of the stamps (2p and 1st class red) from this pane will be classed as new issues. See this earlier post

2nd Class Counter sheets have been issued with M17L. The sheets (see above) are dated 04/01/17, they look to be on plain backing paper with no security print.

Another new discovery is a 2nd  business sheet with the new security backing paper where every other line the backing paper text is inverted. These were long time coming,.., so keep your eyes open for the rest of the values.  Apparently the business sheet was printed on 15/12/16 so it will have the M16L code.

On the 14th March the second mixed retail booklet of the year will be launched. Corresponding with Music Giants issue, It will contain two of the Dave Bowie special issues and four x 1st class Machins. The codes (and Machin stamps) are expected to be the same as the those in the Windsor retail booklet.

Late March or early April should produce some more varieties with the 2017 tariff rise, We have no news of what these will be at this  time.

We will still have lots to look out for in June and July. The 50th anniversary of the Machin design will include a prestige booklt, retail mixed 1st class booklet of 6 and start to roll out on 5th June. Another prestige booklet is planned for the 1917 First World War anniversary on the 30th July. It is not known at this time if this PP will contain a Machin pane.

So there you have (or not) happy collecting.

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