Saturday, 23 September 2017

Deegam Profiles Are Back!

I'm sure most of our readers are familiar with Douglas Myall's Deegam system of identifying and cataloging the Machins, and the accompanying Handbook. One of his innovations was profiles - stamp-sized labels that contain enough information to identify an individual stamp. I had been using them for my own collection. 

Roy wrote about the Deegam system here, and the Deegam web page is here. Details about the profiles are here.

I wrote about them three years ago, on the sad occasion when Myall decided to stop publishing the profiles. They were time-consuming to create and apparently not enough people were interested in them to make it worthwhile to continue creating them. 

I started making my own, but the tool I used to do it (Microsoft Word) was crude for that purpose, and time-consuming was certainly the case for me, too.

Recently, Myall has been beset with health problems, so the stewardship of the Deegam system has been turned over to Gerry Fisk and Hanns Fasching, two long-time Machin experts. They have been bringing everything up to date and making some changes and improvements as well. 

Recently, they announced that they were bringing back the profiles. They have found a way to create them more easily. They are doing ones for new issues and are working on doing the ones that were missed.

I am very pleased to have them back, and I wrote a brief note to Gerry to tell him so. If you have also been using the Deegam system and profiles and are happy to see them return, do let Gerry know. His email is

And if you are interested in starting to use the Deegam system, go to the Deegam web site for details on how to get the Handbook.


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