Wednesday, 13 September 2017

It has been one of those days today, this morning I fell out of bed still half asleep, put the coffee on and boiled my self an egg, I looked for the bread to make toast, I cut it into soldiers and dip (usually). No bread, so a soggy egg on its own is my start to the day.

The Mrs asks me to go to the shops to get some provisions and makes a list. I can understand we needed bread but Head & Shoulders shampoo!!.

I ask her what on earth do we need that for??

Let me explain.

I was cruising eBay sometime earlier and came across something that made me scratch my head, she thought I had dandruff (hence the shampoo)

This is what made me scratch, described as a mis perforated coil strip. Scratch, Scratch, Scratch the seller is asking £20.00 for it. More Scratching!!

Do not be fooled by these I have seen tons of them over the years, the extra perforations on each side are teeth marks from the vending machine, they are worth perhaps a pound each at the most.


Anonymous said...

I can never tell if it’s a seller who is unfamiliar with those vending machines vending machine, or one trying to misleads a potential buyer. As it’s over 35 years since coil were sold like this, it may well be the former.

In reality this type of mis-description applies to the Irish decimal Gerl stamps and Gibraltar multi-value coils.

For those who don’t know these machines a useful text is

Larry R said...

We all have mornings like that, Roy. At least you had your coffee.....