Thursday, 30 November 2017

Star Wars Machin Pane

On the 12th December 2017 you will be able to purchase the new Star Wars prestige booklet. There is only one page of interest to Machin collectors so if you do not collect special issues this may be an expensive addition to your portfolio. There are three new Machins with code M17L  / MPIL if you count the 1st class (deeper red). There have been sugestions that this is a lighter depper red than the Machin 1st class anniversary prestige booklet stamps with the same code, so I am presuming it will be catalogued as "new" by specialists. Mind you not every specialised catalogue describes shades. So do not quote me on this.

I quite like the pane, there are two of each value that make up the design and a central label showing the two robot charictors from the film.The other two stamp values are 2nd class and £1.40.

If you do not collect prestige booklets and just want one single of each value I suggest you purchase them via an online dealer or auction seller they will work out much cheeper.

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Ian - Norvic said...

We have the actual stamps already, and I can say that the 1st class stamp is almost the same as the original Star Wars PSB stamp - but possibly lighter! It is certainly not the new dark colour and must be SG U3016, not U3016b.
I hope SG number the pane as U3016aa and don't renumber 3016b to accommodate it.

See comparison scan at