Friday, 29 December 2017

Welcome to a New Machin Blog

I've always said that the more about Machins on the web, the better. Therefore I'm pleased to welcome the Arnold Machin Stamps! blog to the family.

The blog is written by Matt who lives in Australia. He's an experienced philatelist and blogger, already having several other blogs about his varied philatelic interests.

With regards to Machins, he is particularly interested in those that have only the numeral 1 on them: 1d, 1p, £1, and 1st. There are more and more first-class Machins, and the other denominations have long histories but only occasional new versions. I'll be interested to see what he writes about.

Welcome, Matt!

Best wishes to all our readers for the new year, and my thanks as always to Roy for allowing me the privilege of posting on this blog.


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