Tuesday, 12 June 2018

A Sucker For Chambons

Way way back in 2007 I wrote briefly about Machins that were printed in a different format to the norm. Namely on a press called the Chambon.

Printed by Harrison & Sons, the layout on the sheet was different as they were printed in double sheets of 100, and the sheets were located one above the other, not side by side. 

These sheets were separated by a horizontal gutter of 10 blank labels running the width of the sheet, they were the same size as the stamps. Another interesting fact was that the cylinder numbers in this sheet, has one at the top sheet (opposite row 8), and one in the bottom of the sheet opposite row 18. Only no dot sheets exist. 

Collecting these as cylinders one acquired them from the top sheet in blocks of 8 (2 x 4) with the gutter below rows 5 and a further two stamps from row 6

Secondly, the cylinder blocks (numbers) from the bottom sheet (row 18) were collected as a normal block of six (2 x 3). 

Chambon sheet printings only produced two stamps and both were 10p values. The first has 2 x 10mm phosphor bars FCP/DEX printed over the ink. The second was PCP / DEX with additional phosphor bars also 10mm. It should be noted that Chambon values ​​also exist from certain booklet panes.

Anyone who knows me and that of my  collecting habits realizes I am a sucker when it comes to that certain something that catches my eye. Not that I can afford some of the glorious stamps that Larry has decribed in the previous post, what gems they are. 

This is my latest find that I could not resist. A complete sheet of 200 Machins printed on the  Chambon press and sold for just £ 27.50 with just a couple of pounds postage. 

I love it !!

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