Saturday, 24 November 2018

Harry Potter

Sorry it has been a few weeks since I was here last. This is due to the fact I am tied up being a house husband and looking after my wife who is in poor health.

The latest Machin news has already been posted on line by several people already, but just to keep the blog up to date with pictures and a little bit of background information I will add some of it here.

The Harry Potter mixed retail booklet was issued on 16th October. The 4 x 1st class Machins have the codes MCIL / M18L which are not new having been released previously this year in several retail custom booklets. I am not going into the wavy line substrates as in my mind this does not make them different stamps but different booklets.

On 4th December there will be a Harry Potter Prestige Booklet containing a mixed Machin pane of 8 stamps (pane 3) and a central label. Values are 2 x £1.25p, 2 x 1p , 2 x 50p and 2 x 20p. All are new stamps having not been seen before with the code MPIL / M18L.

I am not up to date with counter sheets but I have heard that the Walsall printings of the  remaining counter RSFsheet values are said to be officially issued on 4th December. I may have this wrong but if I remember rightly the 1st class 100gr and 1st 500gr  have already been recorded as issued and sold on post outlets in September and October of 2018. So are they really new issues?


Ian - Norvic said...

The SD stamps are being distributed by Tallents House for the first time, so that is the first day of philatelic availability.

The 1st Large Signed For will be ISSUED at the same time; as far as I know none have been found yet.

The 1st (small) Signed For has now been postponed until 2019 and will not be issued on 4 December.

Martin Michalsky said...


for the booklet I notice that all 4 1st value have a slide inset on the right which makes the left phosphor band only 4mm, instead 4.5mm, and SBP2i
Compared to:
Red Arrow Booklet = phosphor normal & SBP2u
Dad's Army Booklet = phosphor normal & SBP2i
Hampton Court Palace Booklet = phosphor normal & SBP2u
The RAF Centenary Booklet = slide inset on the top & SBP2u

One question, who is the printer of the prestige booklet, can't find any info.