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Sunday, 4 June 2023

Cylinder Booklets With Cover Marker Bars


Last week I was going through some duplicate material that I intended to trade in. Without much thought I picked a few bits and certain items out and put them to one side with the intention to calculate the face face value.

As an after thought I gave the booklets in the pile a quick second glance, I am so pleased I did. 

Unknown to me a few of them had black marker bars on the covers. One in every 25 booklets have these which in its self is nothing special unless they are one of the rarer booklet types. But then I noticed when I viewed the contents that a few of them also had cylinder numbers + the cover marker bars.

At one time these were prized by collectors, myself included. Vending cylinder booklets with a marker bar are only found on every 200th booklet. Counter booklets 1 in every 250 and Chambon printings 1 in every 150. Needless to say these went straight back into my main collection with a little description attached.

I gave myself a little pat on the back ( self praise) as I have saved them from the incinerator via Royal Mails trade in and they now have pride of place in my stock book at four or five times their face value.  

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