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Thursday 15 June 2023

Unlisted Error New Find SGFA7


After 45 years since the issue in 1978 the 4th in this series (10p Farmhouses) a new variant has been found.  FA7 Wales Perf type P1.  

This is a completely new find, the pane DP31 has the 4mm centre phosphor bars offset to the left by 4mm. To date only one copy of a used pane is known. This was recently described in a Deegam report with added profiles of the stamps.

This booklet is complete, unused and to date unrecorded  by the GBDSBSC. Of the 5 stamps there are 4 different variants of the values. All  have the centre phosphor bar offset to the left by 4mm. Stamp 4 also has a short bar at the top. DG(S1). 

I currently have 2 copies of this booklet spare. If you are interested in owning one of  these I am open to offers over £5.00 for each. Contact me by email

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