Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Boots Label Overprints

This is just a few of the labels that are available . Read on for more information.

Seems like an eternity ago now, but looking back through some of my old posts I did say I would show some pictures of the Boots Labels that were overprinted. Click here for a Current List Of Label Overprints that are available to collect.

A second post was added in December (reproduced below)

Several of the Boots Labels ( and the reprints ) described in a previous posting were used by other organisations and were overprinted to publicise philatelic events and stamp dealing / collecting associations.
These overprints are now a new Machin collecting phenomena and are sort after by many specialists as they make a nice addition to the original labels and add further interest to their collections.

Due to demand and a growing shortage of the Boots Labels , continuing the trend, labels without the Boots logo were also used for promotions. There are many to collect and as the popularity for them grows new designs are appearing on a regular basis.
Boots overprints are not cheap and some of the earlier ones retail in the region of £7 - 8 GBP each.
This is just a small selection to show you , having a wide selection in my my own collection with duplicates I can spare a few if anyone wants some. ( 5 different per collector only) if there are any left over afterwards you may apply for another lot.
I should say though, I feel these are over expensive to buy for what they are, but to replace them ( if I can still obtain them) would cost me more now than my selling prices.
They should be worth the money in the long run, as they are bound to continue to increase in value over a period of time and they do add that certain something to the album page, which is not only interesting to look at but they also make a great display.

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