Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Special / Notched Phosphor Bands

In an email from Brian Horton, I am asked "I have heard that various Machins exist with notched, or stepped phosphor bands. What are these variations? Where could I obtain them?"

Mint examples can be obtained from certain mixed value and prestige booklet panes, on these particular varieties the make up of the phosphor bands consist of small notches (or steps, as some like to call them) in the top or bottom corner of the band.

Four types are catalogued ( see pic below).

These are notched or stepped either top left (N1), top right (N2), bottom left (N3) or bottom right corner (N4). It should also be noted that stamps also exist with combinations of short, inset and notched bands through error of alignment.

These can be very desirable stamps and are difficult to find , both mint and used stamps of this type are catalogued and will no doubt be rarities of the future.

Douglas G.A.Myall. Deegam publications has devised and written a reference system for these stamps, The Deegam SIN System. Douglas has kindly given his permission for these illustrations to be reproduced on my web site.

I can supply certain values, (mint only) most are in stock at this time. It should be noted that these notches are sometimes difficult to find and see, unless one knows which panes they exist on.

To actually see them It is suggested one uses a high powered magnifier (x 20 is recommended) in conjunction with a UV lamp.

For a list of notched bands and prices of stamps available please email me


I am most grateful to Douglas G. A Myall, (Deegam Publications) 2 Elizabeth Avenue, Bridport Dorset DT6 5BA for his help and agreement for the use of his Deegam 1982 copyright ( notched band) System.

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