Wednesday, 20 August 2008

PiP Spot the Differences

A recent e mail from Tony Carter who inquired about Pricing in Proportion Stamps.

"Dear Roy,

New to Machins having only been a Maniac for only 18 months I still have a lot to learn. This is just one of my problems at ths time . I am a little confused and wander if you cold help.
I have been informed that there are several types of 1st and 2nd class (large PiP) Machins, they all look the same to me. Can you help?."

Hello Tony,
As far as I am aware there only two of each of the (basic) Large PiP Machins, these are the sheet variants and booklet variants. However for the specialist (as with most Machin values) there are many stamps from different Prestige Booklets, business sheets and Coils to collect.
Getting back to the basics

You can separate the two basic types quite easily as sheet stamps have normal perforations and booklet stamps are separated by the kiss / die cut method which simulates perforations.

I also believe that the phosphor arrangement is different, Both 1st and second class have 2 ( blue) phosphor bars, sheet stamps having wider bars. I guess there are also errors with short or inset bars available.
The sheet stamps are on the left.
For more information on PiP Machins click here Plase note this information is not up to date, you will need to cross reference with newer posts on Prestige booklet panes issued after this was written.

"Thanks again" to Dennis Stevens for the pics.
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