Monday, 29 September 2008

Nixdorf ‘Pro-Postal’ Machine & New Machin Labels

As promised ( thanks to Larry) I can now divulge some of the details of these new Machins expected to be released to the general public on 8th October 2008.

They are in fact experimental Machin Labels, known as "fast stamps" and presumably will be available in different denominations. According to the source of the information "they will be dispensed from "The Nixdorf ‘Pro-Postal’ machine - and eventually to be rolled out to 700 UK Post Offices in 2009."

Further confirmed information

"The first Wincor-Nixdorf UK Post and Go Machine producing Royal Mail postage labels and Post Office ‘Fast Stamps’ will go-live on 8th October 2008 at the Galleries Branch, Bristol. This will be followed on 10th October 2008 at two locations -Sunderland and South Shields.

If you are interested in Postage Labels as a collecting medium more information can be obtained from Postage Labels of the UK . UK ATM Philately-A Modern Collecting Alternative By Brian Sinnott.

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