Monday, 15 September 2008

R A F Uniforms Machin Pane

As explained below, written on 11th September. The second Prestige Booklet in the forces uniforms series is to be issued on 18th September. This is priced at £7.15. The actual theme will be 'Royal Air Force Uniforms'.

I can now show you a picture of the se-tenant Machin pane, it will contain 4x1st NVI gold and 4 x 2nd NVIs, surrounding a label with the RAF emblem. This booklet will be produced by Cartor, however the panes will be printed by Walsall Security Printers.

Above is a picture of the Machin Pane in more detail
This is the second time that this R A F emblem has been used for the label on a Prestige pane. The previous one (below) was used for a central label on the Breaking Barriers Machin se-tenant Pane (DP271) issued nearly ten years ago on the 13th October1998.

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