Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Well I am afraid there is not much (news wise) to report on the Machin front at this time, except I had a email from Rosie Blackburn informing me that the lists contents of the Machin home, which are up for auction are now online.

"This is just to let you know if you hadn't already seen it in the press. The contents of Garmelow Manor - Machin's former residence are being sold by Cuttlestones Auctioneers on 19th September and !st October following the death of Francis Machin, Arnold Machin's son last year.

As well as the contents of the family home there are one or two important pieces of memorabilia being auctioned including an original plaster relief mould of Queen Elizabeth which was used in the design of the stamps and an original sketch for the 2d stamp done in 1967"

You may remember Larry wrote about this sale a couple of weeks back. I also posted a follow up a few days later.

This is a link to the gallery of images from the sale.

You will notice that lot 77, is a circular original plaster cast coin mould, depicting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Lot 78 is described as A rectangular ceramic molded relief panel, depicting Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, probably Royal Worcester, 32 x 22cm.

lots 80,81, 82, and 83 are also related to the Machin head as they are 4 lots described as A Collection of Royal Mail first day covers addressed to Arnold Machin Esq OBE RA, £1 value.
Amazing how many of these covers are entering the market just lately, both Larry and I blogged about these signed covers just a short time ago.

(To save you searching back postings) these can be found here also here and here.

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