Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Another Thought On Security Machins

More information or speculation, on these new security Machins (I think this the general name that collectors have given to them)

Someone mentioned in a reply to a previous post that two new presentation packs containing these issues is also in the pipeline. It is now known that these will be sold, one with the 6 numerical values, and the other with the 4 NVI values.

Now comes the fun part:

As in the past it is quite possible that the stamps in the packs will be die-cut through on a plain backing paper, rather than cut from the actual booklets them selves.

This is only conjecture at this time, but if this is so (as with previous presentation packs) this may add even more varieties to the previous list.

More information will be added here when it is available.

Added 10/11/09

Robert Bostock has pointed out that these stamps ( presentation packs) will all be produced in new sheets of 50, so its quite possible that all of the pack contents will be on plain backing paper.

The booklet and business sheet stamps (Walsall) will however be on a paper printed on the reverse with the booklet design. It is not known at this time what the coils will look like.


robert bostock said...

Surely they will all be on a plain paper substrate anyway as they will all be printed in counter sheets as well as in booklets?

Anonymous said...

I think you may be right Robert. I failed to see the connection with the NVI De La Rue Sheets.

I guess it is now a waiiting game and time will tell.