Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Security Stamps Continued

Th e picture (left) is a composite (over elaborated) of what the security slits will look like. They will be hardly visible on the actual mint stamps.
Similar to a security price tag in the supermarket. They may also be of a slightly different shape. But the pic (thanks to Ian Billings) gives us a good idea of what to expect.
Also thanks to Ian we have another dilemma to think about.
This is : To soak or not to soak that is the question?

From Virtual Stamp Club

"I have read that there were suggestions shortly after their issue that the Christmas stamps (or at least the 1st & 2nd class) were impossible to remove from the paper paper when soaked" .

Ian Billings Replies
"I tried a single 1st class stamp shortly afterwards - leaving it for over 2 hours in hot water - and I was able to peel it off on my return. It certainly didn't float like others do.
Today I similarly left 4 x 1st class stamps in water with some washing-up liquid and after my return from the dentist 4 hours later the stamps were still firmly attached to the envelope.
I peeled them off - one left half the stamp behind, the other 3 took a layer of envelope with them. It seems that the water-soluble layer is NOT present on these stamps".

Are these stamps, which are unable to be removed a fore runner for the new security issues? It was suggested last month that it could be a possibility that the PVA layer over the self adhesive gum may be removed on these new security stamps.

Another quote from Royal Mail .
"The features are designed to prevent any stamps from removal."

I expect, if you collect used stamps YOU WILL need to keep these new security stamps on-paper in your collections.

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