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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Cylinder Numbers / Dates DLR Security Issues

De La Rue (Dunstable) ATN security self adhesive definitive sheet printings.

Revised Machin definitives counter sheets were issued on 17th February 2009 featuring new security devices. These new sheets use self adhesive paper and come in new sheet sizes.

The stamps will include new security features namely:- Each stamp will carry four 'U' shaped die cuts within the design - one set of two over the value tablet and the other set behind the Queens back. A different self adhesive paper will be used that does not include the water soluble layer.

Additionally, an iridescent ink will be used to print a repeating wavy line text pattern of 'Royal Mail' in background around the Queens head; the head is overprinted also, but with a different pattern.

2nd class Light Blue D1 D1/D1

04/12/08 - 09/03/09

2nd Class Large Light Blue ( 2 bands) D1 D1/D1
10/12/08 - 25/02/09

1st class Gold D1 D1/D1
03/12/08 - 24/03/09 - 10/03/10

1st class Large Gold D1 D1/D1
09/12/08 - 24/03/09
1st Recorded Yellow/Red D1D1/D1
16/10/09 - 19/10/09
1st Recorded Large Yellow/Red D1D1/D1

50p Light Grey D1 D1/D1

£1.00 Ruby D1 D1/D1
08/12/08 - 09/12/08

£1.50 Terracotta D1 D1/D1
20/01/09 - 13/02/09

£2.00 Slate Blue D1 D1/D1

£3.00 Purple D1 D1/D1
20/01/09 - 23/02/09

£5.00 Grey Blue D1 D1/D1


Machin Man said...

I thought as I had finished all my packing and chores I would load these next 3 posts to give you something to read whilst I am away....back on the 1st April.


Anonymous said...

My, my, you have been busy, nice job too, have a nice trip.

Mickie J