Thursday, 2 April 2009

Bridge That Gap

Whist I was in the UK I managed to have a look at some of the new security booklets printed by Walsall, Philatelic issue date 31st March. I did not get the chance to see the De La Rue business sheets.

Rather than write about the new booklets I will quote, then send you over to Ian's Blog who has them covered already. Ian has checked his supply and informs us that some interesting facts have emerged.

" As previously mentioned on the Walsall printings the security cut is actually 4 cuts, compared with De La Rue's two cuts. On the latest (31 March) booklets the gap at the apex of the curve is wider than on the Design Classics (10 March) booklets.

The current (31 March) booklets have a wide gap on the 1st & 2nd books of 12, and a narrow gap on the 1st book of 6 and the Large Letter books."

Read Ian's complete report here


Ian - Norvic said...

Link not working - it has www.blogger at the start in error.

Machin Man said...

Sorry about that Ian. Link now fixed