Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Machin Labels

Hi, sorry I have not been around for the last few days, what with one thing or another I just have not had time to put pen to paper just lately.

Today I spent a pleasant couple of hours at a local stamp club in Torrevieja, where I met a few nice guys (and gals) from the local stamp scene here on the Orihuela Costa . One chap who I got talking to mentioned that he visits our blog circuit and a couple of the online forums quite regularly. He passes his thanks all concerned for the information that we pass on.

During our conversation he asked me about a curious Machin stamp that he picked up in a dealers box with a different head to the norm it had no value tablet. I was confused and intrigued, perhaps he had a great rarity! I asked him if he had it with him which he said he had. It turned out that the stamp in question was actually a label from the Machin 40th anniversary Prestige booklet pane (left). Shame really he thought that he had something very very special.

It got me to thinking that the label was actually a nice addition to a Machin singles collection it did not look out of place on the page he displayed it on, so when I got home this evening I dug out the Prestige booklet to have another look at it.

The following page in the booklet also has a label which could be added to the first to compliment it. Before you write and tell me, I know the pic is upside down , but this is the way the label is portrayed on the page. It represents a picture of the plaster cast through the lens of Arnold Machins camera.

To finish off for today a bit of trivia for you. The first Prestige booklet to contain a label on the se-tenant pane was the Scots Connection printed by Questa in litho, issued 21st March 1989. It (the label) shows the Lion of Scotland.

Thinking about it some more, the whole set of these Prestige booklet pane labels would make a nice little collection on their own :-)

If you have not yet had enough of Machin news, Sebphilately has just published a nice article on the Guernsey Machin read it here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Roy for letting me down gently, nice piece and also thanks for the mention.