Friday, 13 March 2009

Walsall Booklets (Part III)

There have been one or two interesting developments. The first was bought to my attention by e-mails, regarding the new Walsall booklets.

T.C reports that "the cover for the 1 x 1st-class special issue Telephone Kiosk, 1 x 1st-class special issue Routemaster Bus, 4 x 1st-class gold (security) does not give any indication that it contains Special issues." He is quite correct ( see below).

I am no expert on self adhesive booklets, but if I remember the Ice cream booklet cover was the same, with a different bar-code number for the ice Cream booklet which ( on checking) is 112268. The Routemaster Bus & Telephone Kiosk booklet is bar-coded 124674.

Now comparing these two with the new security booklet of 6 x 1st class Machins due for release end of March I can see why there was no indication of them having special issues. The Machin x 6 first class has a gold cover compared to the Special issue booklets ( Ice Cream and Design Classics) which have a red cover. This red cover alone must indicate they contain special issues.

The bar code on the new 6 x 1st class Machin booklet ( below) is the same as the Ice Cream booklet. IE: 112268.

Something else, Ian reports on his blog : "It is now apparent that the 1st class books x 6 Machins were available in some retail outlets as early as 9 March, as we have had two reports. There are no reports of the 2nd class or either Large stamp being available in booklets yet."

He also mentions that cylinder booklets could be available on routemaster / telephone booklets .

I think he could be right as I noticed this on the flowers booklet mock up , ( see pic left) printed below the Tulip stamp you can just make out a cylinder number. W1............

(update) I have just had confirmation the Design Classic booklets have cylinders W1W1W1W1W1W1W1 / pW1

To see Ian's report click here


Ian - Norvic said...

Although the Design Classics booklet doesn't indicate on the cover that it has special stamps, the front cover is smaller than the back cover,and the edge strip reveals that there is something special inside :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ian,

Can you tell me did your second supply of booklets Design Classics have the divided splits in the arcs?