Saturday, 16 January 2010

Royal Mail Jump On The eBay Band Wagon

Garyhony recently reported via the Machin Forum that Royal Mail are now selling stamps and other products direct from a eBay shop.
"In my search for the prestige booklet I saw that the Royal Mail are now on ebay"


GBStamps said...

Not a Machin to be found there, unless you count the ones in a prestige booklet.

A Machin collector recently wrote to me about his frustration about being unable to order Machins (other than full sheets) or most booklets online. What can I say? Royal Mail seems to only care about selling its excessive production of "special issues" and accompanying geegaws.


Machin Man said...

I agree Larry, A perfect opportunity to list some Machin cylinder blocks, singles, date and colour blocks etc.

Royal Mail could be on a winner here with Machin collectors, but as you say " They only care about selling excessive stocks of geegaws. SHAME!!