Sunday, 7 March 2010

Festival of Stamps Prestige Book

The 8th May 2010 is the date you can get your hands on this new Prestige booklet, if you are to prepared to spend a staggering £11.15p per booklet. With out doubt this is the most expensive Prestige Booklet to date.

We were correct when it was reported that one pane (shown left) may contain Special issues of the Machin / George V Double Head.

What I did not expect was that this pane would also contain 3 x £1 George V double head stamps. In my humble opinion although it produces some unusual se tenant combinations (and I do like it) this is what pushes the price of this booklet over the top.

The self adhesive Pane (Pane 4) contains 4 x 1st. class, 2 x 2nd. class & 2 x 50p grey.

Ian was also correct in his preliminary reports that these will be of the security slit type and will no doubt have a hidden code in the wavy background print. Not that Royal Mail expect them to soaked off and reused. This is just my opinion again, the design was carefully created to ensure they (RM) maximise sales of the booklet

The other 2 panes we have shown before, Pane 2 - 2 x £1 stamps of the £1 & 10s Seahorse stamps. Pane 3 - 4 x 1st. class Empire Exhibition 1924 1d & 1 1/2d. Click on this link to view them.

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