Monday, 10 May 2010


I have had a e-mail from Ian Billings informing me of a change to the background code of the Large 1st and 2nd class stamps from booklets of four.

At the same time via comment Ian Price has confirmed this change.

"I have just obtained copies of these new booklets & noticed another change not mentioned in the base note. The position of the 'F' code has changed. It is now 'MFIL' in the third wavy line, instead of 'FOYAL' in the second wavy line"

Ian price also mentions a change to the security slits on the self adhesives obtainable from stamps from the Prestige booklet.

"The security cutouts on the Machins in the panes in my 2 copies of the PSB appear to be a new version. The top loop is uninterrupted (type 1) & the bottom loop is interrupted (type 2). This is the same for all of the stamps."

Thanks go to both Ian's for these reports.

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Ian Rose said...

There appear to be two different types of slits/perfs on the prestige book.

Type 1
(1) The paper clip has a gap at the bottom on all stamps but no gap at the top.
(2) The perforation above the elliptical perf has a large gap on both sides of the stamp.

(I believe that this gap in the perfs exists to facilitate separation of whole panes from the backing.)

Type 2
(1) The paper clips have a gap at both the top and bottom of all stamps, though some of the gaps are rather hard to see.
(2) The perf above the elliptical perf is incomplete on both sides of the stamp (as with type 1)
(3) The perforation six perf "holes" above that also has a gap on both sides of the stamp.

This is described (albeit in somewhat confusing fashion) in the most recent Machin Collectors Club newsletter. That also has photos (from Alec Withell) but unfortunately they have not reproduced very well.

I am told that both kinds have been found bundled together in the same packs.

I have not seen many of these booklets but, based on my very small sample, I have so far seen 6 copies of type 1 and one of type 2.