Sunday, 9 May 2010

Two More New Stamps Coded MA10

Ian Billings has updated his blog with news of his visit to the Stamp fair at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London.


The blog shows lots of pictures and news of two additions to the list of coded security stamps which were on sale there. These are 1st and second class large from booklets of 4. The codes seen on these stamps are ROYAL MFIL / MAIO

Interestingly Ian reports that the the packing caption shows that the 2nd class booklets were packed in February 2010, but the 1st class booklets were packed in December 2009!

Recently it was reported that The gold Machin Postage label had made a come back in Wales, these stamp labels were also available at the exhibition with Islington joining Wales.

Read Ian's account here


Ian Price said...

I have just obtained copies of these new booklets & noticed another change not mentioned in the base note. The position of the 'F' code has changed. It is now 'MFIL' in the third wavy line, instead of 'FOYAL' in the second wavy line.
Ian Price.

Pulverizer said...

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