Saturday, 22 May 2010

Hedgecoe's Photo of the Queen on eBay

A photograph of the Queen taken by John Hedgecoe in 1966, during Arnold Machin's development of the stamp that would bear his name, has shown up on eBay.

Hedgecoe took a series of photos which were then reviewed by the Queen. She wrote her opinion on each one, most saying "no" or "good." Supposedly, this is the only one on which she wrote "yes."

Hedgecoe's involvement with the design was discussed previously on this blog here, here and here. It remains controversial to this day, especially because recently Hedgecoe has trumpeted his version of the story for his own personal gain.

The short version, as I understand it, is that Hedgecoe definitely took photos of the Queen and Machin did use at least one of these as he updated his design from showing the Queen with a tiara to her with the diadem, as shown in this photo. The diadem appears on the stamp.

Hedgecoe also claims that he took at least one of the final photos of Machin's bust which was then used in the photogravure process of creating the actual stamp. To my knowledge, there's no evidence one way or the other whether his photo was actually used.

So, if you have a spare quarter-million pounds, get busy and Buy It Now.



Machin Man said...

Thanks for this Larry. Someone has high hopes, a quarter of a mill eh?

Perhaps I should auction my photo, The 50p it makes could buy me a First class stamp :-)

GBStamps said...

A friend of mine suggested I look at the seller's feedback. The woman is a buyer and seller of tools. Not at all clear how she would have gotten this photograph, presumably she is an agent for someone else.


GBStamps said...

Not surprisingly, there were no bids for the photograph.