Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Security -Cut Stamps ( No Security Overlay)

Previously only used stamps with cuts and no overlay had been found in kilo ware. These were found at a time when quite a few forgeries (other security types)were flooding the market and collectors were rightly suspicious that they may be forgeries also.

Since the initial debate they have been listed in Deegam Report 87 as genuine stamps, but at the time of the Deegam report only used copies known.

We have it on good authority that Royal Mail confirmed that the 1st class gold security-cut stamps with no security overlay are a genuine product. Details known to date is the combination occurred when there was a need for 1st class rolls of 10,000 ahead of the release of the security rolls which were due to be released in February 2009.

Mint examples (singles and strips) of these stamps have now started to turn up on eBay and collectors are having a another serious debate on the Machin Forum as to the validity of them.

They are quite expensive at the moment, but like any other product if they are available in any numbers then the price will eventually find its level. The seller does not give any indication of the amount of stock he holds , but does give something away in the fact he states he has offered them to specialist dealers.

Brummie Bill, a member of the Forum asked the seller to send him a high resolution scan of a single from the strip so that I could gauge the measurements of the slits and the type settings. The measurements of the slits all seemed to be correct as per Deegam Report 87

For convenience Bills original scan is reproduced here.

The value settings have now been measured and Bill goes on to say "The value setting also appear correct (h=1.75mm, v=3.0mm assuming the cut is 3mm wide)."

Visit The Machin forum and add to the debate, you can also leave your comments here.

More Auction News

Machin Gold Horizon Tete Beche Labels (mint) have started to appear again on eBay. So these are not so rare as we first thought. The price has dropped accordingly. I quite like these, and I think it is something that will enhance a mint collection for little money. My advice fill your boots whilst the going is good.

Last time I visited the auction there were 10 available as a buy it now product for £5.40, postage and packing is free. According to his feedback he (she) has sold eight of these mint pairs to date. It is not known how many more are held in stock.

Another nice Item

The same seller (hksilver) is also offering these Tete Beche pairs used @ £8.60 + £1.40 postage and packing.


jabberwock said...

Re Gold Horizon labels

These are indeed very attractive items, my local postmaster showed me some the other day. However it would be interesting to know how they were obtained in this "used" state. The postage printed on the labels appears to be 2 x £0.96. With the selling price on eBay at £8+, quite a nice little earner! If they haven't been through the post & are "cancelled by favour" it should be interesting if Royal Mail notices as the post office of origin can be traced from the code on the labels,

Machin Man said...

Received my Mint pair of the Machin Gold Horizon Tete Beche Labels today from the eBay seller. £5 postage paid. I am very happy.