Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Enschede Continued

I think I have this correct, the last Machin (sheet) definitive to be printed by Enschede was the emergency issue , which was a new 35p stamp in lime green (similar to the colour previously used for the 6p stamp). It was issued on 4th April 2005 with one phosphor band for the 100gr 2nd class rate.

It was not on sale for long as De La Rue reprinted it shortly after (also centre bar) cylinder D1 D1 24/07/05. The reason given for the emergency printing was " De La Rue had just moved into the Dunstable plant (March 05) and had not yet fully set up the equipment for full production."

I have actually learnt something from Larry's post as I did not know that Enschede was pronounced en-ske-day'). I must have sounded like a "Right Silly Billy" when discussing these printings with colleagues as I have always pronounced it En-she-dee. No wander I got funny looks from my audiences :-)

I have just noticed looking at this picture that the printers name was also in a different type face for this issue. It just goes to show that even though my head is stuffed with useless information, if one perseveres one can learn something new every day.

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Anonymous said...

How can you say its useless information?

I think Larry and your good self produce a brilliant informative blog.