Friday, 23 July 2010

Away for a While

This is a short note just to inform you that I will be away from my desk for a while, approx 6 weeks from tomorrow 24th July. I have some business to take care of in the UK so I thought why not combine it to visit family and friends and take a short holiday.

It is relatively quiet on the Machin scene, and a lot of people will be going on vacation them selves during the coming weeks, so what better time to take a break. Whilst I am away do pop in every now and again just to check. Larry may write a few words.

Ian Billings has updated his blog with news of A new 2010 first class business sheet stamp (left).
Also on his pages is news of two new Machin booklets which are due for release on 19th August this year.

If Ian is not going on vacation himself, while I am away you may want to log in to his pages over the coming weeks for Machin, Country pictorial, and other stamp related news.

Here is the URL to his home page, do not forget to add it to your favourites list, we recommend it.

Take care all, see you in a few weeks, I hope you do not miss me to much ;-)


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