Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Special Delivery Machins

Royal Mail has announced two new Machin self-adhesive non-denominated definitives for Special Delivery Next Day services to be issued on October 26, 2010.

The blue and silver colors of the stamps are the ones used for the Special Delivery brand.

The design is similar to the Recorded Signed For stamps issued last year. Like them, there is a flash (that's what Royal Mail calls it) down the left side stating the service. Like the universal stamps, the weight limit replaces the usual denomination/service indicator.

Pricing in Proportion does not apply to Special Delivery services, so there is no "large" version of the stamps.

As you can see from the images, the stamps will have the Royal Mail security overprint with the "MA10" code identifying the year of printing. (It is just to the left of the Queen's forehead.) Since these are sheet stamps, there is no format code (such as MSIL with the letter S indicating booklets of six).

Although not shown on the publicity images supplied by Royal Mail, the press release states that the stamps will have the usual U-shaped slits.

The stamps pay for the Next Day service that guarantees delivery by 1pm to 99 percent of the UK. The current rates (and therefore the cost of these stamps) for the Special Delivery Next Day service with £500 compensation are £5.05 for up to 100g and £5.50 for up to 500g. Higher compensation amounts are available for additional cost.

Another service, called Special Delivery 9.00 am provides earlier delivery for higher cost. That service can be paid for by Horizon labels, regular Machins, these Machins plus additional postage (presumably), or a whole bunch of those 15 1/2p stamps you've had stored away for many years.

As usual, Ian Billings has posted information on his web site here.


(Corrected the amount of compensation paid for by these stamps.)

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