Thursday, 30 June 2011

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Anonymous is out of order with his / her views on the MCC in general ,which has one of best reference books available to Machin specialists. The price is very good and in my opinion it is excellent value for money.

Comment moderation has been not been enabled on this site (as yet). Unless you wish for all comments to be approved by the blog owners before publication moderate to constructive opinions. These are always welcome but PLEASE no slagging. Anonymous,s comment has now been deleted from the post in question.

This site can now boast that we now have the grand total 500 posts and are still counting.

Several comments over the years have also been added to these posts by interested parties. This is a lot of information for Machin buffs to read up on and digest.

Sometimes the site goes quiet for a time, as myself and Larry have busy periods when other things take up our time. Comments also tend to dry up at these intervals.

It is nice to see that our posts are once again attracting constructive comments from readers. This (allowing Machin buffs to communicate) was the main reason this blog was created. Seeing comments also proves to us that the site is appreciated by readers and has a small following.

Regarding the next Prestige Booklet discussed recently. Ian has threw another spanner in the works with this information.

"I don't believe they will be litho, I think they will be self-adhesive gravure by Walsall. I may be misguided by the presence of the MacKennal portrait on the centre label which is exactly the same as the one in the London Festival of Stamps booklet -which was self-adhesive."

Another comment re: this booklet states

."Royal Mails publicity department tend to get a lot wrong these days. Not only are the images often mock ups, but the information supplied is flawed and inaccurate. It Looks like we will have to wait for more information

When reading comments, please remember that they are the thoughts of individuals and not necessarily the complete facts. Corrections are normally added when actual stamps and booklets have been issued and studied by various specialists.

If you have any questions or ideas for future posts, please do leave a comment or get in touch with myself or Larry.

Some News you may not have seen yet.

Royal Mail are said to be issuing a miniature sheet of Machin definitives later this year. The sheet will be celebrating the centenary of the birth of Arnold Machin O.B.E, R.A. Machin was Born September 30th 1911.

It is thought that the sheet will consist of 10 stamps, it is not known which values will be used at this time. Speculation is they may be 10 x 1st class.

What we do know for sure is they will be new stamps. They will not have security slits but will have a security code. The code will be MA11 or M11L. The sheet will also have conventional PVAL gum.


Douglas said...

They will also, it is said, be printed by Cartor in lithography, making them new at Deegam level 2.

brian sinnott said...

Interesting you have put "The code will be MA11 or M11L."

What is the bet that that will NOT be the case?

And the clue is in the name :-)