Friday, 8 July 2011

Doctor Blade Flaws

Most specialised catalogues do not list doctor blade flaws, I do not know why.

To my mind some of these flaws are as good as or near to an error as they can get. Pricing them on the other hand can be a bit of hit & miss. Stamps with flaws are only worth what someone is prepared to pay to acquire them. I priced mine up at around £25.00 each. Sorry about the poor quality of the scan (left).

I recently sent an example of this 10p booklet with a nice horizontal flaw to Larry as a thank you for a certificate he sent to me me.

I still have several different types of this particular booklet in my collection all with various degrees of a green over inked doctor blade flaw. I wrote something about my extras way back in 2007.

This pressed me into looking for more examples on the net. I could not find any of this type listed. Perhaps the bundle I purched had the only ones. (about 20 diffrent)

I did sell a few examples a few years back so I know for sure that someone else now has copies in their collection.

Whist I was on the net I did find a booklet with a doctor blade flaw catalogued at £35.00 and priced at £21.00. Not sure where the catalogued price was obtained.

This is described below.

SG Booklet FH15 with pane UMFB46. Charles Dickens No 3. David Copperfield. Error with white line through Queens face on second row, doctor blade fault. Imperf sides, new phosphor.

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